Seriously! Why is losing the last 10 lbs the hardest part?

You’ve been working out. You’ve been eating right. And for whatever reason, the last 10 lbs you are trying to lose just WON’T leave! They are either in your thighs, abs, butt, arms, love handles…

Eating healthy is hard and sticking to a fitness program is hard. But the hardest part is when you lose weight, start to feel comfortable and excited, and then you’re stuck… no matter what you do, those 10 lbs stick to you.

You can either roll over and play dead and accept that those 10 lbs are a part of you. OR you can work extra hard, make adjustments to your daily routine, and face them straight on!

There are some days when I say, “oh well, I am OK with where I am. I’ve lost some weight and feel great but I’ll accept it..” and there are some days when I am about to do an ice diet like a wrestler for a week (TOTALLY KIDDING!).

I seem to go through a vicious cycle of eating clean(mostly) during the week and then the weekend hits with drinks and bad food choices.. and REPEAT! Each week, it takes longer and longer to get back to clean eating … until there’s none left!

I’m HUMAN! It’s understandable! Life is way too short to limit yourself into a 100% clean diet. I take full responsibility for the 10lbs. But I’m ready to ditch it! Insanity Max:30 starts this week. Nothing compares to 30 minutes of straight cardio and Shaun T’s motivation. I also created a killer meal plan with a few new recipes to keep me motivated!!!!

When you are ready to get your butt back into gear and focus on those 10 lbs, here are some tips:

  1. Go on Pinterest! Pinterest is your friend. Find motivational quotes, inspiring photos, clean recipes. Save them all!
  2. Create a meal plan! Print out a template, fill it out (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks), tape it to the fridge, go grocery shopping and get ONLY those ingredients. Eat according to a plan! If you don’t, you’ll find yourself mindless snacking and eating foods that will not help your 10 lb weight loss!
  3. Stay optimistic and learn to say NO! There are going to be temptations like the office snack area, or dessert, or burgers… or wine… There is never a perfect tie to get in shape or eating healthy. As much as you want to, you can’t shelter yourself off from the world during this time. Choose NOW, choose to EMBRACE the challenges, and keep smiling! Stay positive and you will have success!!
  4. Do the work! Wake up on your first alarm. No snoozing! Get up, workout, no excuses! When I first started working out in the morning, I used to come up with some CRAZY excuses. Like… “I have a little cough.” “I have to work a long day.” “I can’t find matching socks.” No joke. DO YOU WANT TO CHANGE? DO YOU WANT TO SEE RESULTS?! THEN GET YOUR BUTT OUT OF BED!
  5. Don’t give up! You may have already lost 10 lbs… or 20 lbs.. or 30 lbs… don’t stop there!! Don’t stop half way through. You have so much left to give!

I wrote this, not only to give you motivation, but to give myself a kick in the but too! I just finished the Ultimate Reset and I feel myself slowly going back to my old eating ways.

I KNOW that I can stick to a plan and be successful. I just have to sit down, give myself a pep talk, write a meal plan and stick to it 100%.

Losing weight is 20% exercise and 80% nutrition, which is everyone’s struggle. WHY DO THE BAD FOODS HAVE TO TASTE SO GOOD?!? (my thoughts everyday).

But you know what, I’ve broadened my horizons that last few months and found GREAT recipes that make those bad foods, clean. And its helped me lose 20 lbs. Just 10 more to go!

If you would like support and accountability in your own health & fitness journey join me in my next accountability group by filling out this form!

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