All About the Ultimate Reset

The Beachbody Ultimate Reset is not your typical cleanse. Normally, when people think of a cleanse, they picture themselves drinking only lemon water, starving themselves, and running to the toilet all day because of the harsh processed chemicals flushing your body out. This is NOT the case with the Beachbody Ultimate Reset. This is not a starvation diet, there are no harsh laxatives, and you will not be sprinting to the bathroom every 5 minutes! Your body will not be deprived but instead you will be providing your body with all of the nutrients that it has been craving.

Beachbody is so confident in this program that it is backed with a full, 30 day money back guarantee. RESULTS ARE GUARANTEED, or it’s free!

Simply put, in only 21 days, you will be an entirely new person. 

The Ultimate Reset is not designed to be easy. It’s a 21 day program. You’ll need to carefully follow a disciplined eating plan and supplement program. Along the way, you’ll learn to shop, prepare, and enjoy healthy, nutritious meals for all 21 days you’re on the program. I learned about so many new foods that I LOVE and I learned to love to cook again!

All your hard work can lead to GREAT results in just 3 weeks. As you change your diet and eating habits, you’ll begin to see positive changes in the way you look and feel!

And what’s great about this program is that you are provided with all the information you’ll need to prepare – including daily recipes (with videos), a program calendar, grocery lists, and more!

You will also have access to an online support group, as well as my support as your coach! I’ll be there to help get you through the program, offer any tips, and motivation to stick with it! When I completed the program, I was part of a group. When I struggled or really wanted the cookie at the beginning, I immediately went to the group and interacted with others going through the same thing. They helped me push through it, keep myself busy, and just knowing that I wasn’t alone, helped tremendously.

The Ultimate Reset has allowed me to take back control of my diet and my life. Yes, it’s a challenge, but it has the power to create real, long-term change. 


Are you struggling with unhealthy eating habits?
Do you have an over dependence on caffeine, junk food, or alcohol?
Are you experiencing low energy and a sluggish feeling?

If you’ve answered YES to any of the above, then this is for you! You just need to commit to a clean break from unhealthy habits. 21 days, that’s all you need!

Even though our bodies are very resilient, we have been pushed to the limits in terms of pollution, foods laced with chemical additives, preserves, and pesticides, and toxins contained in nearly everything that makes up our modern world. And since our bodies can neutralize most of those things, but can result in lower energy, weight gain, and weakened immune system.

With the Reset, you can help your body absorb more of the good nutrients and steer your body from “survival” back to a state of “thrival.”

What benefits will you see in 21 days of the Ultimate Reset?

  • Helps your body’s detoxification process
  • Helps you lose weight safely
  • Helps improve energy
  • Helps improve key measures of good health
  • Helps boost mood as you get healthier
  • Supports regularity
  • Helps maintain healthy cholesterol within the normal range


Within the Ultimate Reset program, they give you the exact meals (with recipes) to make for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, on each day. For instance, day 1 consists of eggs, steamed spinach, and toast for breakfast, a salad for lunch, and salmon, asparagus, and potatoes for dinner. But if you have any dislikes or allergies, you can swap a meal out with another meal within that phase. Essentially, you can repeat a meal everyday as long as it is a recipe within that phase! For example, on day 1, I skipped the salmon because I do not like salmon. Instead, I chose to make the day 2 meal. If you do this program, I highly recommend trying new recipes! They are all delicious.

My normal day for all 21 days looked like this: 

6:30 AM — Wake up, Yoga, Meal prep for day
8:00 AM — Supplement Combo #1
8:30 AM — Breakfast
12:00 PM — Supplement Combo #2
12:30 PM — Lunch
3:00 PM — Supplement Combo #3
3:30 PM — Snack
6:00 PM — Supplement Combo #4
6:30 PM — Dinner

Also, throughout the day, you have to drink a gallon of water. It may sound like a lot but you drink a lot with the supplements. I didn’t have any issues getting the gallon down!

It is best to look at this program as 3 separate phases, each lasting one week:


In Phase 1, you RECLAIM your body, accessing its inner chemistry and preparing it for change. In week 1, you’ll gradually remove foods such as red meat and dairy from your diet, which are known to place stress on the digestive system.

You can read how I did in my Phase 1 here. It includes my meals, how I felt, and what to expect:
My Phase 1 Log
Phase 1 Shopping List

Some of my favorite recipes from Phase 1: 

  • Creamy Garlic Salad Dressing
  • Greek Salad Dressing
  • Stir-fried Veggies
  • Southwestern Veggie Taco
  • Quinoa Salad
  • Microgreen Salad


In Phase 2, you begin to RELEASE unwanted compounds that have been holding your system back and start the detoxification process. This phase includes additional supplements, including a gentle colon cleanse and digestive support. In week 2, you’ll now be eating a full vegan diet.

You can read how I did in my Phase 2 here.

My Phase 2 Log
Phase 2 Shopping List

Some of my favorite recipes from Phase 2:

  • Sweet Potato and Roasted Red Pepper Bisque
  • Pinto Beans and Rice
  • Cucumber and Tomato Salad
  • Roasted Asparagus with Slivered Almonds
  • Ginger Sesame Miso Salad Dressing


In Phase 3, you’ll help RESTORE your digestive system along with other internal processes to maximum efficiency, putting nutrients, enzymes, and pre- and probiotics back into your body. In week 3, you’ll  now be eating mostly fruits and vegetables.

You can read how I did in my Phase 3 here.
My Phase 3 Log
Phase 3 Shopping List
Some of my favorite recipes from Phase 3:

  • Roasted Veggies
  • Garlic Veggies
  • Roasted Fennel Bulb
  • Spinach Salad
  • Asian Cabbage Salad

There is also a Reset in a Crunch menu that you are able to follow when you are in a time crunch or if you don’t want to eat one of the meals. They are all delicious and can be made ahead of time.


I lost 15 lbs overall, as well as 12.5 inches. I have so much energy in the morning and it lasts all day long! I am in a GREAT mood, no matter what gets thrown my way. I can focus! I found myself being productive around the house. My house has never been cleaner ha! I no longer crave snacks, wine or junk food. Now that I am out of the Reset, I was given so many leftover Easter treats to enjoy when it was over. It’s been 4 days and I haven’t touched them! I just don’t need and/or want them! And that is HUGE! I never could turn down anything a few weeks ago.

I learned I can survive without cookies, wine, and junk food. 
I learned I can conquer things that I thought I couldn’t.
I learned how to control my own health.

Those were the three greatest gifts Ultimate Reset has given me.


1. What’s included in the Beachbody Ultimate Reset?

  • Program Overview Book
    • You will get an entire program overview book that includes the day-by-day, all the recipes you would need, the grocery lists by each phase, prep tips.
    • You will also get access to an online portal that gives you even more information including videos and a whole support network!
  • The 6 supplements: 
  1. Power Greens: a combination of six powerful greens, including kale, spirulina, cucumber, celery, spinach, and chlorella, each known for providing their own unique benefits.
  2. Mineralize: a form of Pink Himalayan Salt with a broad spectrum of trace elements that helps you regulate fluid absorption, avoid muscle cramps, and maintain fluid balance in the body.
  3. Optimize: proprietary blend of systemic and digestive enzymes like protease, bromelain, amylase, and lipase, will help support nutrient absorption, bioavailability, and body function.
  4. Soothe: one-of-a-kind supplement that include aloe vera and curcumin, which support digestive health, healing and body’s response to oxidative stress.
  5. Detox: supplement that cleanses, restores, and resets your system, while not forcing the body/bowels into a release. Contains milk thistle, which supports liver function.
  6. Revitalize: a combo of pre- and probiotics which help your body maintain the right environment for healthy intestinal flora.

2. Will I be hungry all the time during the Reset?

I personally wasn’t hungry at all. Unlike most cleanse, the Reset is built on a foundation of clean eating. You’ll eat different food in different portions. And some portions are actually very large! You’ll eat 3 healthy meals every day + a snack.

3. What’s the difference between the Ultimate Reset and most cleanses on the market?

Most cleanses have you drink only juices or eat only meal replacements. The Ultimate Reset is designed to help you become familiar with delicious new foods and recipes that will help you maintain your health gains beyond these 21 days. You’ll eat 3 healthy meals + snack AND you will be required to take supplements 30 minutes before each meal. Another way it is different is that it includes a light fitness option. They want you do built a complete mind/body connection advising you to do yoga, to go to bed early, and relax! It isn’t designed to be a quick fix. It’s a lifestyle change.

4. Will I lose weight on the Ultimate Reset?

Most people will, yes. But that’s only one benefit. I was even more excited that I gained new healthy habits and got rid of unhealthy one. I’ve eliminated cravings for sugar and caffeine, learned more delicious ways to prepare my fruits and veggies, and found out how different foods affect me in certain ways, like my mood and energy levels.

5. Can I work out during the Ultimate Reset?

Unfortunately, I had to stop my Insanity Max:30 workouts for the Reset. They want you to refrain from strenuous exercise because your body needs that energy to change. You can stretch, do yoga, go for walks, and relax.


I’m telling you this is something you will NOT regret. It may seem scary and out of your comfort zone but if you do it, you will LOVE the results!

Please contact me if you want to chat about the program!! I’d love to hear from you!

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