Ultimate Reset – Phase 3 Overview

OHMYGOSH! I can’t believe I finished the full Ultimate Reset with NO CHEATS and FOLLOWED ALL THE RULES! I NEVER thought in a million years I would make it through without a glass of wine or even a COOKIE!

And I feel AMAZING! This may be one of the best cleanses/detoxes/reset programs out there. Hands down! Delicious recipes. Easy-to-follow meal plan. Never felt like I was starving.

In all, I lost 14.6 lbs and 12.5 inches overall, including 3 inches around my waist! It’s important to note that the weight lost from the Ultimate Reset is from waste and water! Each phase of the program has its own goals, especially in week 2, where you start to cleanse your system and encourage your body to release toxins and waste, and in phase 3, you begin to restore your body. The Ultimate Reset.

Here’s the breakdown of Phase 3:


Hopefully, your first two weeks on the Beachbody Ultimate Reset had profoundly positive effects on your body. You’ve stepped out of your comfort zone in learning to think about food in a new way, eating and shopping for ingredients you may never have heard of before (wakama seaweed, anyone?), and introduced new supplements into your daily regimen. 

During this final phase, you’ll adjust your diet once again. You’ll cut back on grains and consume mainly fruits and vegetables – for fiber and further alkalization, and to provide your body with pure, whole foods that are of high nutritional value and are easily absorbed. Right now, that may sound tough… but once you’ve tuned up your body, the food you do eat will satisfy you more (you’ll find that fruit tastes like candy!)
In Phase 3, you’ll also be introduced to your final supplement – a pre- and probiotic called Revitalize – which will restore healthy bacteria to your freshly scrubbed digestive tract (this is very important, and often neglected in cleanse programs). 

In week 1, we start to lose animal protein, including dairy, fish, and chicken. In week 2, there is no animal protein and we take a detox supplement 3 times a day to help cleanse our bodies. In week 3, no more proteins at all. The diet consisted of fruits and veggies all week! So it was an adjustment to say the least.

The idea is this: You have worked to clean your body inside and out, so you’re able to survive on less protein and calories because you are able to absorb MORE of the nutrients from foods then you have been.  ALSO, You need your body to stay in “detox” mode so you adjust to a cleansing diet of fruits and veggies for the week before completing the program.

Here is some of the FOOD!

New things I tried: 

  • Fennel bulb! Omg was this delicious! I can’t wait to try new recipes using fennels.
  • Bok choy! Loved the crunchiness and taste when stir-fried.
  • Napa cabbage!
  • Jicama! It looks like a potato when whole and an apple when cut. The perfect crunchiness to my salads! I actually had that salad for lunch today outside of the reset!

The reason I did this Ultimate Reset was not to lose weight or look great in a bikini. I found myself drinking a ton of wine and beer, snacking uncontrollably on anything in my grasp. I wasn’t sleeping well AT ALL! I found myself in a fast food drive through way too many times a month. I just felt like crap. I needed to do something!

The program was the perfect way to reset my habits. It included a handbook that was so comprehensive and straight-forward. Each week was laid out for what supplements to take, what food to eat, and there were recipes and printable grocery lists to take to the store with you. It makes it SO EASY! You just need the confidence and the will to do it.

The Ultimate Reset has transformed every aspect of me. I lost weight and inches, as well as all the gook and toxins from my body! I gained confidence and energy, digestion has been regulated, mind feels clear and NOW I want to eat healthier. I have the will to turn away from snacks and junk and processed foods. I KNOW I will survive if I don’t eat the Rice Krispie Treats (which are currently in the office snack area). 3 weeks ago, I would’ve absolutely eaten 3 or 4 of those treats by now. The Ultimate Reset provided me with the tools to take back my health! It changed my lifestyle habits and pushed me to become better!

If you want to reset your body and your life, I highly recommend it! Definitely join a group so when challenges come up, you can reach out to people who are in your same boat! That helped me tremendously. I don’t think I would have made it without the support.

Message me to learn more about the Reset!

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