Ultimate Reset – Phase 1 Overview

I bought the Ultimate Reset kit a little over a year ago. When I first opened the book, I was intimidated. The book says, “You’ll need to prepare physically and mentally for your Reset, so choose a time when you’ll be able to focus completely on the task.” So that intimidated me! The meal plan was scary and out of my comfort zone and I knew I had to give up my high impact workouts that I loved so much (because your insides will be receiving a huge workout so can’t add muscle recovery to list). I needed 21 days. That’s it.

When Beachbody’s top coach, Melanie Mitro, said she was hosting an Ultimate Reset group with her husband, I took it as a SIGN because I know how much accountability groups WORK and GUARANTEE RESULTS! I reached out to her and said “SIGN ME UP!”

First of all, the Ultimate Reset is a program designed to help your inside get into amazing shape, just like your outside! It is MORE than just a typical cleanse. It’s a 21 day commitment to clean eating and healthier living! AND it’s actually A LOT of food!

I decided to do this program when I realized I’ve been eating foods I don’t normally eat. Also, the mindless snacking got way out of control. Same with the wine! My cravings for MORE took over.

What benefits will you see in 21 days?

  • Helps your body’s detoxification process
  • Helps you lose weight safely
  • Helps improve energy
  • Helps improve key measures of good health
  • Helps boost mood as you get healthier
  • Supports regularity
  • Helps maintain healthy cholesterol within the normal range

I started the Ultimate Reset Monday, March 27th.

Here are the rules:

  1. Follow the meal plan.
  2. Drink a gallon of water/day.
  3. Take supplements 30 minutes before meals.


During these first 7 days, you’ll begin to alter your diet, slowly removing foods like red meat and refined items that put stress on your digestive system and can tilt your body toward a more acidic state. You’ll also be introduced to 4 of the 6 supplements that make up the Ultimate Reset program – Power Greens, Mineralize, Optimize and Soothe.

Because most of us are living in a slightly dehydrate state, in week one, you’ll begin to properly hydrate your body, which is critical for optimal cellular function. Along with hydration, the Week One meal plan will provide you with the vital nutrition needed to help maintain the body’s alkaline/acid balance.

Once your system has been primed, balance, and nourished, it will be ready to continue the detoxification process.

Now, to the food!

The food was actually DELICIOUS! I will definitely make some of these recipes again outside of the Ultimate Reset. I also tried some new things with ingredients, some I’ve never even heard of!

Some new things I tried:

  • coconut oil
  • Bragg liquid amino
  • Farina
  • Walnuts
  • Homemade Miso soup (miso paste)
  • Created some new dressings! Creamy garlic dressing was delish!
  • Plain organic greek yogurt
  • Rolled oats
  • Sesame oil
  • Pine nuts
  • New spices! (coriander)

Here are just some of the numerous recipes I tried. I definitely repeated the Southwestern Veggie Taco, Stir Fried Veggies, Quinoa Salad, and Oatmeal with Blueberries. And it’s totally ALLOWED! You can repeat meals all week – as long as the meal is a recipe within that week!


The first few days were tough. I had to create a new routine, make new foods, stick to a new regime of clean eating and new supplements, no Shakeology, and no workouts! My cravings for chocolate, fried foods, and cheese were in full force. I was soo tired in the morning without my Energize and workout and it carried throughout the day. I slept terribly and had awful lower back pain.

Around day 5, things really took a turn! I woke up feeling refreshed and energized BEFORE MY ALARM, which alone is a huge accomplishment. No coffee. No energize. No workout. And the energy lasted all day.

They tell you before you start to do breathing exercises, walk or do yoga, stretch, go to bed early, pretty much just take care of yourself! I really took that to heart. I went to sleep around 9 or 10 at night and it felt GLORIOUS!

And the cravings went away! I walked by a tray of cinnamon buns without even doing a double take!

Overall, I am feeling GREAT!

Total Weight Lost: 7.4 lbs
Total Inches Lost: 7.25″

Losing over 7 lbs and over 7 inches in 7 days is just PROOF that nutrition is so terribly UNDERESTIMATED! I worked out hardcore everyday and tried to make better food choices but never found to get the results I was looking for! Nutrition is such a huge part of weight loss, having energy and feeling great! If you take anything away from this post, let it be this – Fuel your body properly! You won’t know how good you should be feeling until you actually feel it! 

I am so HAPPY I decided to start this reset. And you know what, I am stinkin’ proud of myself! Never thought I’d make it through the first week!

Can’t wait to see what Phase 2 brings!!

If you are interested in learning more about this program, please reach out! 

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