Seared Tuna Salad

This is my Mom and Dad’s specialty recipe. This is the dish that made me fall in love with seared tuna.

First of all, tuna is a healthy, low calorie, high protein food that promotes weight loss. Not only does it have high protein, it also has other good nutrients topromote overall health like vitamin B-12, which is essential for supporting an active lifestyle; phosphorus, which is a mineral found in your cell membranes and DNA; selenium, an antioxidant mineral that protects your tissues from damage; and omega-3 fatty acids, which helps boost heart health and support brain function.

Health lesson aside. Here’s how you make it.


    1. Sear the tuna with olive oil.
    2. Mix together spring mix, cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives, and tuna.
    3. Toss in EVOO and red wine vinegar.
    4. Add fresh shaved parmesan on top!

    Simple ingredients. And oh-so-delicious!

    – SY

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